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FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Educational Tool Kits

Masterson Communications has completed 2-year ‘Tamreen’ Educational Tool Kits content project for the FIFA 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The project execution was a collaboration between Masterson Communications and Qatar digital agency A101, for the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (SC), a semi-government organisation tasked with hosting the 2022 World Cup, under the auspices of the Qatar Ministry of Education.

Patagonia Protect The West Coast Feature

The Cleanest Line, the official blog of international clothing brand, Patagonia, recently published ‘The Real Hidden Gems of the West Coast’, an article by Masterson Communications’ Director Miles Masterson about the impact of Big Mineral Mining on the South African environment. Writing in his capacity of Media Liaison for non-profit organisation, Protect The West Coast […]

Caudal Fins Website Australia

Partnering on the website’s development from day one to delivery with our associates at SaltWater Design, Masterson Communications aimed to bring Australian entrepreneur Phil Todd’s patented surfboard fin design to life in the digital realm. Invented by Sunshine Coast surfer Phil, the Caudal Fin is a revolutionary removable handmade polycarbonate surfboard fin with a flexible […]

Screan – An Innovative New Ecommerce Website

Masterson Communications recently contributed to the launch of an innovative new ecommerce business concept and website created by South African entrepreneur Mike Schlebach - Screan.

Protect The West Coast NPC

For the past few months Masterson Communications has been working on a voluntary basis as media liaison and PR with new Cape Town based non-profit, Protect The West Coast.

Why Content is Still King: Copywriting for Digital Applications

Apart from facilitating unambiguous communication, properly planned, correctly targeted and well-thought out copy also has the added advantage of creating a unique voice for any digital venture, fostering familiarity and instant recall, thus contributing indelibly towards brand building.

Email Newsletter Marketing Part 2 – Finding an alternative to MailChimp

A client recently commissioned me to research and go through all of these email newsletter marketing platforms to recommend which one besides MailChimp might be the best for his business, an ecommerce website.

Special Offer: Free SEO Audit

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the foundation of a website. If you are struggling to attract the online traffic and sales conversions you feel your business deserves, an SEO Audit is a must. Let Masterson Communications audit* your site for free during December 2020 and January 2021 – including keywords, content and more – to […]

Afterglow PR Published

Our client Afterglow has had their first press, which was published in ThisisLondon Magazine. Masterson Communications created the PR and helped Afterglow complete their media kit.