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Start Your Own Online Store – Part 5: Digital Marketing for your Ecommerce Platform

In this, the final instalment of our series 'Start Your Own Online Store', we’re going to show you how to press the ‘Start’ button on your ecommerce business. It’s time to market your site and products, so that you can bring in traffic, drive customers toward your platform and make sales. This is known as the ‘conversion funnel’, which is the flow of a customer from their arrival at your site, to making a purchase – something we all want, of course.

Start Your Own Online Store Part 4: ‘Populating’ your Ecommerce Platform (with Content)

Here we will explore the main basic requirements of filling – or ‘populating’ – your website with essential content. Content has a number of purposes. It tells the customer the story behind your business, brand and products. It reassures them, as it also provides information about your shipping, returns, privacy policies and terms of service. But, most importantly, your content is one of your most powerful sales tools. Only by making a clear, convincing pitch for your products, can you ultimately convert visitors to your site into customers.

Start Your Own Online Store – Part 3: Shipping to your Customers

Welcome to the third instalment of my series on how to set up your own online store. Before we go any further though, if you are just discovering my articles now, consider going back to read Part 1: Finding Your Product Niche and Part 2: Setting up Your Ecommerce Platform to get a better grasp of the basics required to start your own online store. Once both of these stages are complete, you will be ready to turn your attention to the supply chain logistics of ecommerce ordering and delivery, a.k.a. ‘shipping’ or more accurately ‘fulfilment’.

Start Your Own Online Store – Part 2: Setting up Your Ecommerce Platform

Welcome to part two of my five part series of articles on setting up your own online store. If you are just starting out, then I recommend you read the first article in the series – Part 1: Finding Your Product Niche. If you followed the guidelines in Part 1, you will have chosen your product(s), validated your business idea and given it a name. The next step is just as important: Setting up your platform. This includes claiming your website name, deciding on your platform, and choosing a company to host your website. You will also need to lock in at least one payment gateway and ensure your site is ready for secure online transactions.

Start Your Own Online Store – Part 1: Finding your Product Niche

Welcome to the first in my five part series of articles on setting up your own online store. In order to enter the rewarding and challenging world of ecommerce, you will need a product to sell. In this first article we will begin by showing you how to choose the right product. We'll outline different ways to source your products, as well as take a look at how to name your business.

A Guide To Ecommerce – Start Your Own Online Store: Introduction

In recent years I have consulted on a strategic level, marketed and created a large amount of copy and content for several online businesses, both as an entrepreneur for our own online startups and for clients of my small agency, Masterson Communications. My series of articles, ‘Start Your Own Online Store’, will provide you with all of the basic information that you’ll need to set up your first ecommerce platform.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Educational Tool Kits

Masterson Communications has completed 2-year ‘Tamreen’ Educational Tool Kits content project for the FIFA 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The project execution was a collaboration between Masterson Communications and Qatar digital agency A101, for the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (SC), a semi-government organisation tasked with hosting the 2022 World Cup, under the auspices of the Qatar Ministry of Education.

Patagonia Protect The West Coast Feature

The Cleanest Line, the official blog of international clothing brand, Patagonia, recently published ‘The Real Hidden Gems of the West Coast’, an article by Masterson Communications’ Director Miles Masterson about the impact of Big Mineral Mining on the South African environment. Writing in his capacity of Media Liaison for non-profit organisation, Protect The West Coast […]

Caudal Fins Website Australia

Partnering on the website’s development from day one to delivery with our associates at SaltWater Design, Masterson Communications aimed to bring Australian entrepreneur Phil Todd’s patented surfboard fin design to life in the digital realm. Invented by Sunshine Coast surfer Phil, the Caudal Fin is a revolutionary removable handmade polycarbonate surfboard fin with a flexible […]

Functional Fluency International Website

Masterson Communications recently delivered a range of content marketing services for the relaunch of an ecommerce website for Functional Fluency International (FFI), a global personal development organisation. FFI has a vast network across a dozen countries and focuses on personal development and life coaching for individuals, teams and organisations and also offers training programmes in Functional Fluency and its Temple of Index of Functional Fluency (TIFF©) development tool.

Screan – An Innovative New Ecommerce Website

Masterson Communications recently contributed to the launch of an innovative new ecommerce business concept and website created by South African entrepreneur Mike Schlebach - Screan.

Protect The West Coast NPC

For the past few months Masterson Communications has been working on a voluntary basis as media liaison and PR with new Cape Town based non-profit, Protect The West Coast.