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Masterson Communications – Services 

Masterson Communications offers an array of marketing-, media- and content-related services. Our primary focus is the creation and execution of effective content and digital marketing strategies for corporate clients, SMEs, entrepreneurs, digital publishers and ecommerce startups. 

 Depending on your requirements, we can execute your project in-house, or in partnership with our extensive global network of digital marketing professionals. 

Please contact us for a consultation and/or quotation.

Our services include: 


Content Creation and Copywriting

Digital and UX copywriting

Product descriptions

Blog posts and long form editorial features 

Copy editing and proofreading

Video scriptwriting and production

Image editing and infographics creation

Translation services

Content Strategy

Competitor benchmarking

Content strategy development

Market research and audience profiles

Editorial pillars and style sheets

Content planning, scheduling and management

Website wire framing, UI/UX consultation and execution

Digital Marketing

Social media marketing strategy and execution

Social media content and feed management

Email marketing strategy, content and execution

Digital advertising (PPC, CPM, SEM and retargeting)

Shopping feed set-up and management

Public relations strategy and execution



Search Engine Optimisation

Keyword research and content mapping

On-page SEO including copywriting and content creation

Tactical internal and external link building

Back-end SEO optimisation

Competitor keyword and backlink research

Metrics tracking

Ecommerce Consulting

Ecommerce start-up coaching

Ecommerce marketing strategies and tactics

SEO-optimised product description copywriting

Static page copywriting 

Data reporting and analysis 

Commercial website design and UX/IX

Payment gateways and fulfillment

Project Management

Market analysis and long term strategy

Photography and design

Digital and print publishing

Corporate communications 

A-Z of projects across multiple platforms, 

including print, digital, audio and video