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Masterson Communications is a content marketing partnership based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Our mission is to help our clients generate exceptional content and execute first-rate content marketing projects.

We are adept at working remotely or in-house, on projects large or small. Please drop us a line and let’s get to work.

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Our specialist services include:

Blog Post – Start Your Own Online Store Part 5: Digital Marketing for Ecommerce

December 1, 2023: In the final instalment of our series ‘Start Your Own Online Store’ – Part 5: Digital Marketing, were going to show you how to press the Startbutton on your ecommerce business. Its time to market your site and products, so that you can bring in traffic, drive customers toward your platform and make sales. This is known as the ‘conversion funnel’, which is the flow of a customer from their arrival at your site, to making a purchase.

Before we go any further though, if you are just discovering these articles now, consider going back to read Part 1: Finding Your Product Niche and Part 2: Setting up Your Ecommerce Platform to get a better grasp of the basics required to start your own online store. Then check out Part 3: Shipping to Your Customers and Part 4: ‘Populating’ Your Ecommerce Platform (with content).

What qualifies us to write these articles? In recent years the author, our Managing Director Miles Masterson, has consulted on a strategic level, marketed and created a large amount of copy and content for several online businesses, both as entrepreneurs for our own online startups, as well as for clients of Masterson Communications.

Part 5: Digital Marketing for Your Ecommerce Platform


“Thanks to their experience and professionalism, working with Masterson Communications has always been flawless, straightforward and on point. The team is highly knowledgeable in digital tactics such as SEO and other important aspects of digital marketing, which, together with their understanding of the business world, produces remarkable copywriting, other business-related write-ups and content strategies. I would definitely recommend working with their team, as they have saved us a lot of time and effort.”

Charles Vincent

Managing Partner, A101 Digital Agency, Doha, Qatar

“Masterson Communications helped us to get organised to create written content for our Functional Fluency International website and project managed our team. Miles asked us important questions to clarify what we want to communicate to whom, wrote text in cooperation with our internal team and liaised with our branding agency and web-developers, thus helping us all gain the clarity and structure that was needed to effectively achieve our website launch.”

Layo Seriki

Operations and Research Driver, Functional Fluency International, The Netherlands

“Masterson Communications helped me to launch Afterglow, a 100% eco-friendly clothing brand and ecommerce website. They created and led the content strategy and wrote the SEO-enabled copy across the entire site, including product pages, blogs and supporting pages, which was invaluable while I was focusing on other areas of the business. Miles and Megan also provided several strategic insights regarding SEO, social media and digital marketing. Overall I was very happy with the whole project, and will be working with them again in the future. Great job!”

Jay Barratt

Founder, Afterglow, London, UK

“I started Screan because it solves a problem I have always had when trying to buy a pre-owned car and I loved the idea of being able to shop for a second hand vehicle nationwide from anywhere. Masterson Communications helped me to develop my business idea and to create my website copy and did a fantastic job. Miles and Megan were easy to work with, professional and insightful in all aspects of digital marketing and content creation. I was more than satisfied with their work and will be using Masterson Communications again as we further market and develop Screan.”

Mike Schlebach

Founder, Screan (