Partnering on the website’s development from day one to delivery with our associates at SaltWater Design, Masterson Communications aimed to bring Australian entrepreneur Phil Todd’s patented surfboard fin design to life in the digital realm. Invented by Sunshine Coast surfer Phil, the Caudal Fin is a revolutionary removable handmade polycarbonate surfboard fin with a flexible arm or ‘stem’ that is fastened using fin plugs to the back of the underside of a surfboard, and is adaptable for all kinds of surfboards, kiteboards, foil boards and more. Phil chose our team to create his website, knowing that we are both experts in website development and as passionate about surf and skate sports as he is – and would understand the subtleties of the product he has designed and launched. Phil’s primary objectives were to introduce his concept to his market and explain how it works, so we took great care to work closely with him to craft an explanation and definition of the ‘Caudal Fin’ that was not too technical but showcased his remarkable product in the best light. Our favourite part of the site is a timeline on the history of surfboard fins that shows where Phil’s invention slots into the surfboard fin matrix and why it is potentially such a game-changing concept. Continually in R&D as he improves his product, Phil hopes to add an online shop to his site in the near future and we wish him the best of luck with his venture.