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Masterson Communications – Director

Miles Masterson is the sole director of Masterson Communications. Miles has more than 30 years’ experience in media project management, content marketing and strategy, digital marketing, SEO, copywriting, journalism, editing, publishing and corporate communications in the Middle East, Europe and Africa. Under Miles’ leadership, Masterson Communications partners with our extensive global network of digital marketing professionals, including editors, designers, copywriters, video editors, translators and content marketing specialists.

Miles Masterson – Managing Director

Miles Masterson’s career spans more than three decades in content generation and strategy, digital media and publishing in the Middle East, Africa and Europe. A highly skilled copywriter, his experience includes working for consumer and contract magazines and B2B publishers, as well as for content agencies, individual companies and corporate clients worldwide. An accomplished project manager, Miles has handled multiple business units and media projects across a variety of digital channels, including websites, social media and as a podcast host. He has also been the creative mind behind several marketing and advertising campaigns and media strategies, as well as the editor of company profiles and corporate books. Miles co-founded one of South Africa’s most successful and award winning magazine brands, Blunt, which he ran as editor and publisher for 10 years. In 2010, he was nominated as a finalist the Discovery Health Journalism Awards for a piece on plastic pollution published in Men’s Health magazine.

For more on Miles Masterson please view his LinkedIn profile here.