Masterson Communications recently contributed to the launch of an innovative new ecommerce business concept and website created by South African entrepreneur Mike Schlebach – Screan. (

Screan is an incredibly easy-to-use and risk-free way of inspecting a used car that completely removes the effort, hassle and admin around viewing pre-owned goods from the prospective buyer. 

On the website, customers can book a ‘Screaning’ and armed with a 90-point used car buyer’s checklist, a ‘Screaner’ will inspect any used car thoroughly on their behalf and provide an impartial report on the condition of the car.

Screan’s customers can then make an informed decision from afar as to whether they think the asking price is fair and whether they want to purchase the vehicle. For a small additional fee the Screaner can also help customers to negotiate a better price.

Masterson Communications consulted with Screan on several aspects of their business concept, including their business development strategy, content strategy and website development, including UX, CTAs, conversion funnels and IX. 

Masterson Communications also conducted SEO keyword research, and keyword enabled and wrote or edited all of the copy for the Screan website, as well as implemented the back end SEO.

“I started Screan because it solves a problem I have always had when trying to buy a pre-owned car and I loved the idea of being able to shop for a second hand vehicle nationwide from anywhere,” says Screan founder Mike Schlebach. “Masterson Communications helped me to develop my business idea, created the website copy and did a fantastic job.”

“Easy to work with, professional and insightful in all aspects of digital marketing and content creation, I was more than happy with their service and will be using Masterson Communications again as we further market and develop Screan.”

Apart from used cars, Screan will be expanding its concept to include other second hand goods in the near future.

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